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have worked with Experts from this site) for the past three years during my pursuit of a Bachelors Degree at Drexel University. In that time Expert from this website has become an invaluable asset to me and has helped my studies in several subjects. Math, Physics, MIS (Management Information History), American history and Economics posed quite a challenge for me and Expert from this website is a world class tutor in those areas of study. He is flexible and generous with his time and has a very nurturing style when going over the material. I found his methods insightful and direct. As I enter my final class before graduation this spring with a 3.72 GPA, I have to look back and thank Expert from this website for the guidance that he gave me with subjects that seemed, at the time, beyond my grasp. I would recommend using Expert from this website as a tutor! -----Rich W.

We hired Expert from this website in the fall of 2007 after my son, Stephen, was falling behind in Algebra II. We found Expert from this website on website and immediately scheduled a meeting. I was instantly impressed with his professionalism. We continued to have Expert from this website as a tutor for the next two years. Expert from this website is an outstanding tutor. He is prompt, flexible, professional, knowledgeable, and dependable. During the two years, he came to our home making the tutoring experience that much easier. Stephen found him to be interesting, patient, and enthusiastic about his success in school. Stephen's math grade steadily improved along with his academic confidence. We used Expert from this website for Algebra II and Pre-Calculus and wish we had met him sooner for Geometry! Stephen took the SAT during this time and felt more than adequately prepared for the math portion due to Expert from this website's steady tutelage. I would recommend Expert from this website as an excellent tutor. I believe it is a testimony to his thoroughness that to this day he still occasionally inquires about Stephen and his academic endeavors, including recent college acceptances. -------LindaD'Onofrio

Expert from this website was given the task of tutoring our son, who attends a competitive Preparatory School, in the subjects of mathematics (algebra) and chemistry. His knowledge of both subjects is comprehensive and beyond his young chronological age. Of course, a tutor needs not only to convey the material, but to "connect" with the student as well. Expert from this website accomplished both extraordinarily well, after only a few sessions. He understands what "needs to be known" for the current high school student. My husband and I recommend him highly. -----Nina.S

Expert from this website has tutored my son in both Pre-Calculus AB and Physics. He has an excellent demeanor and can explain very complex ideas/formulas in everyday language. Without Expert from this website, my son will be a low C student in these subjects. Expert from this website has allowed my son to achieve Bplus/Aminus averages in both subjects. I highly recommend him as a tutor. ---- Kari G.

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